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Autor Lucy

Lucy - 4/11/2010 um 16:13

Hallo alle,

hier kann sich jeder Händler schon gerne vorstellen und auch Fragen an uns richten oder sich erkundigen wie man als Händler auf unserer nächsten C.O.N.S. 2011 am 24 Juli, teilnehmen kann.

Auf eine erfolgreiche 3. Deutsche Transformers Fan Convention :thumbup:

Hello folk,

if you like to be a part of the upcoming C.O.N.S. 2011 on the 24th of July as a dealer, and sell toys to other people, you can introduce yourself in this thread. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here.

For a successful 3. German Transformers Fan Convention :thumbup:

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Mixmaster - 1/3/2011 um 23:22

I guess I'm the first to introduce myself as an TF-dealer on this board. My name is Joeri and I from ADHD-toys from The Netherlands. We (my friend Robin and I) have been attending C.O.N.S. from the very first time and we're happy to be back again with a big stand this year. We also attend B.O.T.S. every year but find the atmosphere at C.O.N.S. the best. You always take good care off use.

We have a big assortment in Generation 1 (US and Japanese), Beast Wars, Exclusives, etc... And we always try to get special items for C.O.N.S.

See you in Juli!!!


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Lucy - 2/3/2011 um 13:41

Hallo Joeri and welcome here :)

Thank you very much for the kind words!
We are very happy to have you as TF-Dealer with your extreme nice sortiments of Transformers and you and Robin are ever welcome :thumbup:

The atmosphere we try to make each year better, is our first priority :)

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